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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The never-ending sickness

It turns out that the reason I just couldn't get better and kept getting more ailments was that behind it all, I was having a grand case of Mono. Now that they have that figured out they gave me steriod shots and steroid pills as well as sleeping pills (I have lots of trouble falling asleep anytime before 2am) and "wake up" pills (to make me more awake at 6am) as well as antibiotics for the rest of that stuff.

I found out a week or so ago and am actually feeling pretty good now, all the sickness is gone, I have most of my hearing back, although not all of it, and all thats left is utter exhaustion.

He said it was okay to still do moderate exercise and that while typically the directions for mono are bed rest he realized that wasn't possible with two little ones so just to take it easy, not do things I don't have to do and try to get a nap in each day. He said the sleeping pills to get my body sleeping at the right times of day (night) will help too.

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