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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

50 states in 10 minutes

Today I randomly stumbled across a game of naming the 50 states in 10 minutes. It is much more frustrating than it sounds. And it only accepts answers if you spell them correctly.

This caught my interest because recently Richard and I had a conversation about where Washington DC was and if it existed. I mentioned Washington DC and he said "there's two washingtons?" and I said one was the state, out by Oregon and the other is Washington DC and that is not a state. He proceeded to say "I thought that was in Virginia". Nope, sorry honey, you're getting a state puzzle for your birthday. I'm not sure if I can convince him to try this but if so, I will post the score later. You should all go here http://www.ironicsans.com/2007/02/50_states_in_10_minutes.html and try it. Then click below where the word comments is underlined and tell us how you did.

I missed two: Nevada and Vermont


Rich & Stacey said...

Richard won't let me post his score but I'll tell you he got more than 36 and less than 38. See if you can figure it out.

Kerstin said...

Do you remember in high school, Mr Fisher had his whole theory about how Delaware didn't really exist?

I don't want to know how badly I'd suck at that game. So I'm not playing. ha. :P

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