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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday update from Rich

This morning we ran a few errands returning some shoes Stacey bought the night before, and looked at some more clothes in the mall before heading over to the history fair at the beach. Jamestown is having its 400th anniversary so that's why that was going on and it is going on through a few weeks. It wasn't what we were thinking it would be. We were expecting more touristy shops but most of it was just history and information. There was an orchestra there playing music, some people dressed up and fired old muskets, and a ton of people.

Weather wasn't bad today and far better than yesterday. A storm went through and today its hitting farther up north. It didnt affect this area much at all.

Tomorrow after church we'll be getting together with 2 of my friends from my class to play some pool and bowl for my belated b-day party cause they couldn't make it last weekend.

School has been a breeze so far because there is something always coming up so we dont stay long. 3 hrs seems to be the norm so far. Thursday we didn't have class becuase the instructors had a golf tournament and Friday there was a retirement and reenlistment so we didnt do anything that day either. It's been great though, I'm not complaining any :) I have 2 months to enjoy this before actually having to work all day long.

I recieved my journaymans card in the mail and I'm excited about that. It took me just over 4 yrs to finish and they jazzed it up a lil bit with the certificates. Very few people actually get that because of the time it takes and they figure that they'll be getting out after their first hitch. I dont really have much else to report at the moment, so thats all.

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