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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


See what a good job I did hemming Richard's pants? :-) I don't know how the measurement from the bottom up can match each other and the measurement from the top down match each other, and still have the hem's comming out this much different, but oh well. I just did it for one day, his uniform inspection, then he took it in to the professionals and had them do it right.

We lit the cake with huge star candles. It looked like the 4th of July over the battlefield.
This is the cake cut open. You can see how much of the whole thing was really just frosting. Even too much for both of us who LOVE frosting.
I didn't get a job at Rainbow Station. They apparently didn't read my cover letter which directly stated what position I was applying for. And they called a few days after the interview and said that they had already filled all the office positions, to be a lead teacher, you have to have a Bachelor's (which I don't) and I could be a teacher's assistant for a whopping $7.30 an hour. And they were advertising that they paid staff higher than any center around. Nope.
I have been applying and interviewing like crazy. I have three interviews tomorrow and one on Thursday. A daycare, a home health aide for handicapped people, a front desk at a chiropractor's office and then a recruitement officer for a college. All sound like nothing I would be interested in but we're just trying to see what the best pay offer I can get is. So far its $8.60/hr. Wow. I made more than that in high school.
Virginia is wierd, people, never let anyone tell you differently. Virginia does everything the most backward, wrong way possible. Everyone goes out of their way to not do their job and to create havoc in the world around them. Just in case you wondered.

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KyKin said...

Welcome to the south. Your neighboring state of KY has it's own way of doing things too. Those of us from the North are used to things happening more quickly and efficiently. Things in the South are slower and more "people" oriented. They'll be late coming to your house for an app't because they ran into someone they knew at Walmart and you know you just have to stop and have coffee etc. But even though it drives you crazy, they are so friendly. When you go back to stores in the North seem rude.

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