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Saturday, April 7, 2007

The long and short of it

The long is in the pictures. I don't have enough brain to remember or enough time to type the long version in story form. So here is the short.

You can see the pictures of our new apartment at http://www.richardandstaceybrill.shutterfly.com.

Saturday: We picked up the 24' truck and car dolly.

Came home, waited for the hired moving guys and then the hired moving guys 2 guy neighbors and 4 girl neighbors moved all our stuff down into the truck.

Waited 6 hours for the Comcast guy to come.

Loaded the dolly on the truck. Loaded, or tried to, load my car on the dolly. My car doesn't work on the dolly, scraped scratched and gouged my car call up.

Went back to the truck place, taking the dolly. On the way the battery light came on. They gave us a car trailer and called roadside assistance to have the truck alternator replaced. An hour later we were on our way to the apt to get the pickup.

Most of the trip I was enjoying the view of the butt of the Budget truck and the derriere of the Dodge but when we stopped I got the added pleasure of the rump of Richard.

We drove 4 hours and decided to start finding a place to stop. Kept driving and stopping, looking for a place. There was no room at the inn. For 5 more hours. Every exit, every hotel. We finally stopped at 3:30 am Sunday and a lady told us there were no rooms 5 hours south (duh we just came that way), four hours north or three hours west. So we asked if we could sit in her lobby and charge our dead cell phones. We did and then went back to the moving truck and slept in it in a gas station parking lot. Then we woke up and drove to a rest area and slept there in the trucks. Then we had breakfast at Denny's and stayed an extra hour to charge the phones some more.

When we took my car off the trailer, it now makes an awful sound as you put it into drive. We called Budget, made another claim on the insurance, and on Friday someone came to tow it away to find out what is wrong.

We got back on the road and made it to the apartment. We stayed in a hotel overnight though, because we couldn't get the truck in here and didn't want to leave it on its own in some parking lot.

Richard's family was supposed to arrive around 4pm Monday but got caught in a horrible accident and sat still on the interstate for 5 hours. They got here around 11:30. Richard and I unloaded the whole truck minus the furniture before they got here. We did the furniture then.

The next day, Tuesday, we unloaded the stuff they brought from Michigan and started putting that stuff away.

Wednesday we planned to go to the light house and the beach. Turns out we had bad directions and it took us about an hour to get to the lighthouse that was supposed to be 18 minutes away. Then when we got there it was closed. But we looked at it.

Thursday we took a tour of the base at Norfolk and visited the NEX.

Richard's family left early Friday morning. I had my interview at a day care at 10 am and they're supposed to call me back sometime next week.

We are now pretty much all set up, except for little things here and there. Today (Saturday) we looked outside and it was snowing. Quite a change from a week ago. You can see the white stuff on the ground.

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