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Friday, June 13, 2008

ABCs 123s

Air and Space Museum - Where we're going for R's Father's Day present. ITS A SECRET - DON'T TELL!! Yes,its an odd gift, but he will love it, I guarantee it.
Bumbo- I COULD NOT live without it.
Craptacular - Upon closer inspection, that is the kind of job they did on our shower. But oh well, it'll last a year prolly and that's all we'll need it for.
Drool - Lilly is a super soaker.
Efficient - We were this and more this week.
Fireworks - They were awesome last Saturday.
Gaming - R is trying to teach me how to nerd it up. Not that I wanna learn mind you, but that doesn't seem to matter.
Homemade Sweet Tea - Our first time making it.
Insufficient - As in our funds.
Jello Pudding - Mmmm, cheesecake flavor.
Kylie - She's so much fun.
Lillian - She is perfecting her devil cry to show all the family next week.
Marriage - I'm coming to MI next week for Brian's wedding.
Nipples - Get your mind out of the gutter!! Lillian just graduated to size 3!
Organizing - We cleaned every closet we own!
Pool - My new favorite thing, especially the kiddie one.
Quick - Lillian is quick to scream.
Richard - He gets off work early tonight!!!!!!
Sloppy Joes - It's what's for dinner.
Tides - The baseball game we're going to tomorrow night.
Underestimate - We underestimated the time it would take to organize the closets.
Vista - As in Windows Vista. I HATE IT.
Worried - That Lillian will banshee scream all the way to Michigan.
X-ray - Gpa Harris had to get one after he dived off of a ladder.
Yolk - I give R the yolk's of all my hard boiled eggs. (We had them today).
Zoo- I'm hoping to go on Monday with the moms and babies from Sunday School.

1 We got Moe's last night and had a buy one get one free coupon!
2 Tea bags in the jug.
3 Hours it took to clean the downstairs storage room.
4 New tubs I bought at Wal-Mart.
5 Hours Lillian was with Brandon and Lindsey!!! (THANK YOU)
6 Bowls of cheesecake pudding, I just made.
7 How many gas stations I tried before I found one that wasn't out of gas.
8 How many diapers we use a day.
9 Hairs on Lilly's head...kidding. Kind of.
10 How many burp cloths we go through a day.

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Anonymous said...

You are hilarious, but have too much time on your hands - even with two babies?!

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