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Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning we went shopping and got some clothes for me for Michigan. I actually have clothes that fit now! Unfortunately, its still not the closet full of clothes I already own, but we're getting closer...SLOWLY. We had lunch at Applebee's and finally used the gift card mom and dad gave us for Christmas. Then we went home and just hung out, played a game and watched some TV. Saturday night, Lena and Landon came over and we went to oldetown Portsmouth and watched the fireworks at Harbor Fest. It was still about 100 degrees and very, very muggy, but the show was AWESOME. It was more than a half hour and had a great variety of fireworks. Lilly loved looking at them and the sounds didn't bother her at all. She loves seeing Aunt Lena and Uncle Landon too. And we loved the break, we didn't hold her all night long! Landon tried to help R figure out how to fix the broken double stroller but no luck.

Sunday we went to church and took snack: banana bread and cinnamon bread. They were huge hits. We came home and hit the pool right away for almost two hours. The pool was almost warm this time and I actually got in. Lillian loved it, actually being able to get in now that its warmer. We spent some time in the big pool, then Lilly took a nap and I laid out while R swam. Then we all got in the kiddie pool. I sat on the bottom and just let Lilly stand in front of me. She had so much fun. We attracted a crowd of small children and Lillian was putting on a show for them, smiling and talking. We had to run to Target quick but then came back for a quiet evening at home, playing games. Army Wives season 2 started but I tivo'd it and will watch it later today...I can't wait.

Today brings:
watching Army Wives
calling Gma Shipp
Folding laundry
Making something for dinner
Writing in Lillian's memory book
Updating the checkbook
Putting away all the stuff from this weekend
Calling girls to set up lunch tomorrow.

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