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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shower damage

This was our problem.

This was their solution.



Kerstin said...

I'll pray for you that's just intended to be a very temporary fix while they locate supplies for a real repair.

My last year of college, the electricity in my bedroom stopped working. Everywhere else in the house was still fine, so the landlord told me to RUN A POWER STRIP OUT FROM THE KITCHEN until it got fixed. This was in a 100 year old house, mind you! I was in constant fear I was going to burn the place down running a lamp, my alarm clock, and my laptop. I'd turn off the lamp if I was going to brave tv.

It took TWO AND A HALF MONTHS for them to finally fix it.

Rich, Stacey & Lillian said...

I hope so. When he left he said "I'll be back in a few days to do more." Does that mean more duct tape and garbage bags?

Kellie DeLange said...

Yikes! Hopefully, it will get fixed soon. We have had all sorts of home issues in the past. I know how you feel.

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