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Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from Michigan

After a long and horrible flight from Detroit to Norfolk on Friday, we are safely back home. It was so good to get home to see Richard again and try to get back into a routine. Lil was a little devil Saturday but a little better on Sunday so hopefully it will go up from here. Its great to have Kylie over again, she's changed so much just in two weeks, as Lillian has too.

Michigan was good. The wedding went off without a hitch and was beautiful. We spent some time with R's family and even went up to see his sister Kim and her new house. We went to a "homemade" zoo which was quite an experience. With my parents we went swimming, visited with friends and family and did some shopping, Ikea even. Kristen and I made great plans for our time together at Christmas time.

Lillian got tons of new clothes, of course. She even has two outfits for Fourth of July (knowing how she goes through clothes).

Saturday brought tons of grocery shopping. Our receipt was almost two feet long!! Then we came home, put everything away, divided up and put away the meats and cheeses, and made several meals for the freezer.

Sunday after church, Lillian and I took a nap then we unpacked, folded four loads of laundry, and cleaned the house. Exciting stuff.

This week is supposed to be a really short working week for R, that will be nice if it works out.


Booboomesser said...

Did that formula make a difference? I hope so

Rich, Stacey & Lillian said...

Unfortunately, no, it didn't. But it was worth a shot.

Booboomesser said...


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