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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday, when Kylie left, Lil and I headed straight for the pool. (Since it was a mere 105 here yesterday.) We spent two hours down there and had such a good time. When we first got down there we were the only ones there and it was WONDERFUL. We just sat on the edge and talked to the Lifeguard. She is Sweedish or something and I imagine her name is Helga, although I'm sure its not. But that's what I like to call her in my head. Its funny when the pool is full and she blows her whistle and yells at some kid, she has to yell it three or four times for anyone to figure out what she's saying.

We played in the kiddie pool, then I read a book for awhile while Miss Lil took a nap, then we got back in again. This time, in the kiddie pool, we met a 3 or 4 year old girl and she was so cute. She loved to hold Lillian's hand and dance with her. She was talking to Lilly and Lilly was cracking up. She was so funny, she kept saying "she's pukin". I tried to tell her that's all she does all day, but she continued to keep sayin "she's pukin". It was too funny.

I just got an email from Lindsey at work that she has four tickets to the Saturday night Tides (baseball) game and asked if we wanted to go. Of course! So the six of us (Brandon, Lindsey, us, and the girls) will be going there Saturday night. The forecast is calling for 95% and 30% chance of thunderstorms though, so hopefully that changes before then.

Sunday I have a day planned for Richard's first Father's Day. Its all surprises to him, so he can't wait to find out what we're doing. He knows part of it involves lunch out at a restaurant, but doesn't know which one.

This morning, after I was woken by Brandon's knock on the door to drop Kylie off and I went back to bed (she was sleeping and so was Lil), THEN we got another knock at our door. Guess who?!?? Two contractors, not maintenance men, but real contractors, here to fix our shower, not just fix it, but rip it all out, tiles, mold, drywall, and even plumbing and re-do it all. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! They are in the middle of it now but said they would be here most of the day. I was hoping to go to the pool again today so I'm hoping they're gone by 3, but if not, its worth it to skip a day at the pool for a NEW SHOWER!!!! I made them muffins and gave them pop cuz I was so thrilled to see them.

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