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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life is Magic

On a random whim, I decided to add a note to Kerstin on the "Vacation" post below.

We are flying into and out of Omaha Airport. Although we don't want to spend too much time in Omaha, basically just dropping the rental car off and checking in for our flight, I thought being in Omaha was too close not to at least ask Kerstin (my bestest friend from high school, and the ONLY one I still talk to, sad, with our class size) if on the off chance she had next Wednesday off and would want to drive to the Omaha Airport (a 45 minute drive if I remember correctly) to see us for a mere ten or fifteen minutes.

Ha. Yeah right.

Much to my joy and amusement, see Kerstin's comment on that post. She will not only be off work next Wednesday, she will be ....are you ready? ....are you sure? ....This is big...

SHE WILL BE AT THE OMAHA AIRPORT sending her Mom back home to Flint.



And I can proudly say I am much more excited to see Kerstin than a million Paula Deen's anyday.

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