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Sunday, August 24, 2008

This weekend has been awful, aside from the visit with the Howard's and Fusco's which was great! We went to a great mall with them and got Lil's halloween costume. We watched movies and hung out, had GREAT food and visited a new church with them (they just moved there).

On the upside, I am still fat (that's not the upside, I'm getting to that), so I think this weekend has helped me to lose a little more weight, between not eating and puking. So we will see for sure tomorrow morning at scale time.

I have made some changes to the blog, as you will see outlined in the text above. I am sorry if you could not get to the blog in the meantime, but as you can see it is now invite only, please let anyone know who you know likes to read the blog. The changes will require a couple extra steps on your part, for which I am sorry, but it should make the blogging experience better in the long run. If you do not understand the new comment policy or how to make a comment without a blogger account, please email me at StaceyBrill@gmail.com.

You will also notice many posts missing. This is not an error, this was on purpose. The best posts are left for your re-reading enjoyment.

I probably will not be posting as much as I have been and I probably will not post for a while. I'm just not in the mood right now. But don't give up, the blog is still open and eventually I'm sure I will post again.

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