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Monday, August 18, 2008

Ugh, its Monday

This is my new favorite thing. Odd, since I don't like peanut butter or honey, but together and schmeared on an apple, it is marvelous.

I received three magazines in the mail today. That helped to make the day a little less Monday.

Kylie was back today, it was great to see her, and Brandon and Lindsey, after being apart for two weeks. However, it was not nice to wake up early again. Why couldn't I wake up bright eyed at 6am like I did all week in Iowa?

Lillian is sitting up like a pro!!! And a pro with good posture. She is also, much to my dismay, up on all fours, rocking back and forth. She is mere weeks (hopefully not days) away from crawling. Ugh, we've got lots of work to do, babyproofing. Specially since her favorite thing to do is pull on the tablecloth.

On a sad note, Lillian has peed twice while being changed in the last two days. Yesterday it was for Richard and he laughed. Today it was for me and I looked right at her and said "NO" loudly. She cried. Then I laughed.

She is sucking her thumb alot, we try to pull it out, but she is quicker than us. We could pull it out 100 times a day and she would put it back in 101.

She is eating anything and everything. She loves eating whatever is on our plates. And she cannot get enough vanilla yogurt.

I am excited to go see the Howards and Fuscos this weekend in North Carolina.

We are trying to find a weekend to go to Busch Gardens and use our free passes. Cyndi, you should come out and go with us.

I'm also tempted to go back to Great Wolf Lodge. They have fall specials and military specials going on now. Its $149 a room, but it includes sleeping for 6 and 6 passes to the water park. Cyndi? Come on, ya know ya wanna.

It looks like we are not going to have any overnight company for the rest of the year and I'm sad if you can't tell. I love having people here and hate it that we live so far away no one can make it for a long weekend.

I am loving watching the olympics. And am still amazed by the opening ceremony box act. I am in awe of the choreography skills of the Chinese.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you said 'NO to your child and then laughed when she cried. Maybe you should take that picture of the peanut butter off of your site. Children have been harmed by being said 'no' to.

Rich, Stacey & Lillian said...

Thank you Cyndi, for this anonymous comment. No pictures will be removed.

Cyndi said...

Oh now - how did you know that it was me Stace?!?!?!?

ashley b said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the pb and apple snack--wonderfully delicious!! Where are the pictures of your hair????

cyndi said...

Yeah I want to see pictures of your hair also.

ashley b said...

Just had some peanut butter and apples. Amazing!!!!!

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