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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

We went out to breakfast at Village Inn then did a driving tour around all the new stuff in Ankeny. You wouldn't even belive it here, Julie, its insane. Then I went over to Doug and Cyndi's to help Cyndi with Katie's 12th birthday party. Richard and Lillian stayed at Gma's and hung out with Gma and Mom and Dad. We came back over to Gma's last night and watched the olympics and played games.

Mom and Dad left this morning :-( Then we went to church with Cyndi and Doug and Gma came too. (She does attend church regularly, but at a different church.) We had lunch at Applebee's then I dropped R, L and Gma off at Gma's and I went to get Cyndi and we went to a few stores. Then I dropped her off and came back to Gma's to watch Lillian while R went out to see the Batman movie with Ashley. We just hung out here the rest of the night and watched the olympics. Bed now.

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