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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Rambings: Diapers

Don't buy too far ahead, you will end up with lots of smaller ones you're trying to cram on her and then she'll leak through and it will just be frustrating.

We liked pampers brand best overall, always.  But, target has the best off brand and after 6m I switch to them.  Sometimes, when I'm having issues, I use Target during the day and Pampers at night. 

Pampers wipes suck.  Huggies are best.  Cheapest on AMazon Mom or at Sam's.  Sam's recently changed their distributors of off brand wipes and they now ROCK.  Better than Huggies.  My new favorite.

When you are ready to get pull ups, don't get off brand.  And get pull ups (huggies) not whatever pampers' are called.  And use them sparingly, they're expensive. 

Start potty training as early as you want to, but give it a few days and if its not working, put everything away for a month or two and try again.  Their timing on this one or it will kill you.

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