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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Ramblings: Kid Food

If you don't already, ask your doctor for formula samples every time you go in.  EVERY time.  And if you see any specialists for any reason, ask them too.  They all have formula to give, might as well be to you.  

And if you're not on the formula company's mailing list for coupons, go to their website and sign up.  And then sign your mom up. And his dad.  And your neighbors.  If she's doing okay on formula, and type doesn't seem to matter, switch to offbrand ASAP.  Target was awesome for Lil and so was Sam's.  

Toddler formula is a joke and not necessary at all. 

Start a sippy cup with a straw when you start foods.  Its easier for them to learn to use a straw the earlier they do it, and it will save you later when you're at restaurants and such.  At the beginning, just put the cup on their high chair tray and let them play with it, they will figure it out in their own time.

WAIT to feed her.  Wait til 6-7 months for sure.  You have the rest of your life that you're going to have to feed her, and babyfood is a pain in the REAR.  For real.  The older they are when you start, the less you have to fight with it.  And as soon as you start babyfood, start offering bigger chunks of food, for them to play with, at first.  It will help them learn to eat "real" foods easier and faster, which is the ultimate goal.  Cook a potato, and slice it into thick fry type slices and just hand her one when she's 6-8months old.  She might gnaw on it, once she learns how to get it to her mouth, but what she gets off, she will be able to eat.  She will just play with it at the beginning.

When you get a high chair, which will be sooner than you think, get one that sits on a regular chair.  You will LOVE it later, and its perfectly fine for babies.  And get one that has the fewest cushions/pads, etc.  You will be cleaning runny, chunky food out of this thing 3 times a day, the fewer cushions, crevices the better.

Take away the pacifier and the bottle as soon as you can, the sooner, the easier it will be.  Last bottle by 12m for sure. The sippy cups come with super soft silicone no spill spouts now, so its just like a bottle, but easier to transfer to other cups.  Also get her to drink sips out of a regular cup as soon as possible.  Like before a year.  We didn't with Lil and she literally couldn't drink out of a cup without a lid until she was almost three.  

Mum Mums.  Best teething biscuit ever.  DO NOT buy any "teething biscuits", ever, they are grossness.  Soak a graham cracker in milk for a minute then take it in your fingers and squeeze then smear it on every available surface, including in your hair and ears and you'll understand :-)  Mum Mums still make a little mess if they gum it and then take it out, but its much less a mess, and much lighter in color.  

Puffs.  I say buy one container of them.  Any more and its a waste of money.  Buy one when she's just staring "food" and break them into pieces and give them to her.  Through that one container, make her pieces bigger and bigger until they are whole pieces, then give her cheerios.  MUCH cheaper.  

Yogurt puffs by gerber....NASTY.

Toddler Gerber Graduates meals....HORRIBLE HORRIBLE nutrition.  I'm SO not into being a nutrition police, but these things are horrible. Give her a lunchable instead.  Seriously, its better.

Let me know if you're interested in making your own babyfood.

Bumpy Names Labels by Orbit...great for the bottles for nursery.

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