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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sili Squeeze Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Sili Squeeze.  They are careful to say it is not a bottle, but a squeeze intended for pureed foods.  You know, like applesauce, pureed baby foods, yogurt, etc.  It has a special no spill valve.  They have two sizes, 4oz and 6oz.

The Sili Company sent me the product to revew and it arrived with gorgeous packaging.  It didn't come in a box itself, but when I opened the shipping box, I found the product and some information nested in tissue paper printed with the company name.  What a simple, but professional looking touch.  Unfortunately R threw out the packaging before I got my camera to it.

I was hesitant about washing it.  But it comes fully apart and was a breeze to clean.  But I have to say that if you left the food in there overnight and let it get dried and crusty it might be harder.  DUH! I just rinsed it out right away, and swirled some soap around in it with my bottle brush.  Rinse and voila!

I also like that the cap is attached with a string.  One less thing to lose.  Although I do think that over time the cord like string has the ability to get dirty.  

There is no way that Ellison could use this yet, she just would not get the hang of the bite valve concept.  Lillian though, loved the idea and it only took her 1-2 tries before she was happily sucking away at her yogurt.  I think this is a great option for things like applesauce, pudding and yogurt on the go or on roadtrips.  

I was also excited to see that they are going to soon be releasing a Sili Squeeze without the no spill valve.  I would love to try one of those out for Ellison's baby food (hint, hint Sili Company).  Ideally, I would like to have one of each kind of valve and one of each size squeeze, I think they would make a great addition to our "kid cupboard".  

You should go visit The Sili Company and check out what they are doing.  I think this company is one to watch in the future for more great products.  Would you use a Sili Squeeze?  What would you use it for? What do you think of their pricing?

Important stuff: I was provided a 4oz Sili Squeeze from the company and asked to provide my opinion in a review style blog post.  They didn't tell me what to say or what opinion to have :-)

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