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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Ramblings: Misc Kids Stuff

If you can talk people into NOT buying her gifts the first two years when she doesn't know anyways, bonds are an awesome substitution.

I highly recommend starting an email address for her. YOu can email her funny things she says/does, recaps of vacations, attach super special photos or videos that you want to make sure she gets a story with, and you can ask family to write to her once a year.  I email each of the girls after their birthday and christmas and list who got what for them.  What a great gift when she graduates.  I don't even plan on telling my girls about it until they are 18.  

MAKE sure if you don't already, that you start backing up photos/videos regularly.  More regularly than you think you should.  Because anything that happens and the tiniest thing you lose will now become so important.

Get a set of washcloths that are not any color that you currently use for your house.  The brighter and more obnoxious the better.  If red is a color, even better (more on that in a minute).  Get about 20.  Don't get them from the dollar store, but don't get them at Macy's.  I think ours are two Target sets of 10.  Use these as "kid cloths".  We use them for anything from wiping faces to cleaning spitup to wiping down the highchair.  AND if you have red ones, they're great to use when the kid is bleeding.  They won't see how much blood there is and freak out more.

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