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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Design for Lillian's Room


I have been toying with the design for Lillian's new room (once we move and the guestbed is out) for a while. I want it to be fun and bright, but not obnoxious and childlike, but not baby.

I was doing some research online and came across a blog by Christine. She stated that you could email in your detailed questions with pictures and she would tell you her opinions. I did so, honestly not expecting anything, or at least in the next century. How surprised was I to get an email this morning telling me she answered my question on her blog this morning?

I think alot of her ideas are marvelous. My plan (as of now, without having any idea what type of room she will be in) is to:
Paint the walls white 3/4 of the way up
Put a shelf all the way around the room at that level (white)
Paint/wallpaper/something above the shelf in bright pink and/or orange
Place all the knick knacks on the shelf around the room
Paint the furniture (pictured above) hot pink
Yes, I said paint the furniture hot pink, isn't that just PERFECT?!?!
Get matching bedding for the twin bed and the crib as long as the crib is in her room
Get a nice bright rug, shag I'm thinking

Let me know your thoughts and ideas!!!!

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Kerstin said...

I think bright furniture would look good with white walls. Otherwise it would be too overwhelming.

Or bright walls and white furniture. We got new carpet at my mom's house and my room got charcoal grey, so I painted my room light purple and my furniture white when I was in college...I can't remember if you ever saw my room after I did that.

And you can always repaint the furniture later if you decide it's too much or Lillian gets older and wants something different. That's one of the perks of cheap furniture...you're not afraid to experiment with it!

And also, that dresser looks EXACTLY like the bedroom set my sister had when she was little.

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