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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Interesting Facts

1. The lifeguard (known to us as Helga, although I found out today her real name is Elena) is from Serbia. Which "most people in the military know where it is because you people bombed us back in '99."

2. If you mix baby food peas and baby food carrots, the outcome is still orange, not the expected puke brown.

3. Lillian's favorite bath toy is definitely the whale.

4. Our neighbors got "personally served" with a summons to go to Court for failure to pay a debt. They got served by a Sheriff rubberbanding a summons to their door knob, never even knocking on the door. Doesn't seem personal to me.

5. Apparently the July cockroaches are the biggest of the bunch.

6. Randy Pausch, the author of The Last Lecture died over the weekend and Diane Sawyer is doing a special on him tonight.
EDIT: Currently watching the show and it is amazing and inspiring. You tube it.

7. The Cheesecake Factory is having an anniversary and for tomorrow only all of their cheesecake is $1.50 a slice, if you dine in.

8. I just discovered Google Reader. If you have not yet discovered this, or Gmail even, you should definitely ask me about it. Amazing, wonderful things.

9. A week from now our entire family will be in Iowa!! A trip together!!

10. I have horrible toilet issues. I cleaned our toilets last night for Bible Study tomorrow night and yet they already have rust colored lines and rings. Ugh.

11. Effective Tuesday morning, Bennigan's Restaurants across the nation will be closed forever. I find the statement on their home page "Introducing our new Jamison BBQ grilled items...for a limited time only" ironic. I will forever miss their Monte Christo Sandwich.
EDIT: According to this article, not all of the Bennigan's are closing, maybe Va Beach or Flint will get lucky.
EDIT#2: Va Beach Bennigan's is closed for good. Sad.

12. I am thinking of joining the YMCA. Primarily because a friend wants to and they have childcare services. I am hoping they will repeat last September's "pay the day" enrollment fee and we can enroll on September 1st.

13. My brother is on his way to Iraq for the second time. He commemorates this by having his Google away message read "Leaving...on a jet plane." That is my brother for you. You can read updates of his adventure at www.kyleshipp.com. Please pray for him and his wife, Kristen, while he is away. Kyle- not that you read this, but be safe.

14. I made fabulous Blondies. Twice, now this week. Let me know if you want the recipe.

15. My new word is "Gravy".

16. If you make an online order with Children's Place, expect it to take NINE DAYS before they ship your order.

17. If you haven't noticed, I installed a Feedjit application in the bottom of the right column. This tool shows me that in the last 24 hours, aside from the friends and family in Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan we've had blog visitors from: Little Rock, Arkansas; New Orleans and Slidell, LA; Bangkok, Krung Thep; Surprise, AZ; Annandale, MN; Dallas, TX; and Mexico. Come on people, don't be shy, leave a comment and say "hi".

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