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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poll Time

EDIT: I've added pictures of the general style for each option. Pay no attention to the individual colors or things on the walls, or bedding specifically, just look at the style of the pictures as a whole. You don't have to have an account to leave a comment, just click on Name/URL and type your name in and leave your comment :-)

Okay people, its obvious I'm torn in two directions. I need your input. Leave a comment with your vote please.

Option 1-Garden/Cottage feel with more white than bright and flower bedding and rug. Think sheets pictured from Pottery Barn. A la...

Option 2-Bright Geometric (stripes, polka dots) feel with geometric bedding and rug. Think blanket with peacock. A la...

Leave a comment with your pick please, please, please.


Anonymous said...

OK. (This is ridiculous that I have to take notes on your blog postings so that I can leave comments!) Anyway.....
I don't like to peacock blanket; I LOVE the majestic providence rug best of anything; I love the PB Teen Big Dot comforter out of all the blankets and comforters,etc.; I like all the accessories but they are all too expensive; I like the last shelf picture (but, obviously, with pink/orange rather than brown; and I think you don't have to decide between flowers and stripes if you use the Big Dot comforter which has both. I'm still not at all convinced about hot pink furniture with all the rest of what will be going on in Lilly's room, but you have a great sense of style so I'm sure it could be wonderful. (Mom S)

Cyndi said...

Thank you for putting pics up because I, unlike your mom, did not take notes on everything and I was lost.

I like the brighter colors better. I think it's too easy to get bored with the more blah, froofiness of the first pictures.

I think it's a color scheme that she'll be able to stay with as she grows where as the other one she might consider too old looking as she grows up.

Just my opinion.

Mande said...

i love the bright and wild idea. i think lillie will like it better too while she's young. it's just more exciting and fun to be around. the fancier stuff looks like i shouldn't touch it for fear of the tour guide telling me i wasn't supposed to cross the velvet rope! that's just me though! polka dots are wonderful! mande

Booboomesser said...

Option 2 Baby!!

Courtney said...

I vote for Option 1- the cottage. It's really cute!

Julie said...

but vote is absolutely for http://www.pbteen.com/ptimgs/rk/images/products/200828/0011/img28l.jpg
I love it, and I want it for me.

Now that being said, I also absolutely LOVE http://scripps-content.communicationsmgr.com/pcsupload/91bb04b6-6b91-421d-9781-24b2ca5fc5cf_player.jpg. I like certain aspects of http://scripps-content.communicationsmgr.com/pcsupload/30110060-43d6-4df4-8dcb-44ad9702936a_player.jpg as well. Not so much keen on the massive pink pillow thing stapled to the wall, but if your child has a habit of banging his/her head on the wall as soon as they get up every morning, I guess it could come in handy. I also (once again - I know it will shock you) wouldn't go with orange walls b/c I don't' want to feel like I'm living in a cantaloupe. I'd prefer a kiwi... :-) So, those are my thoughts.

Kerstin said...

I like both options. That, of course, is not helpful. If it were a room for me, I'd choose Option 1. If it were a room for you, I'd choose Option 2. Geometric prints could work with cottage-y style furniture.

I just think all that pink and orange in some of the geometric pictures might be overwhelming for an infant. Or for me. Especially in a bedroom, where I'm supposed to be calm and sleepy. ;)

Kristen said...

I really think you can mix and match your love of the "shabby chic" and modern graphic pieces. Here are my thoughts:

Use the wallpaper you love. Put it on the top 1/3 or 3/4 of the wall. Put a shelf along one focal wall at the bottom of the wallpaper. Put a chair rail or special molding around the bottom of the wallpaper on the other three walls. It's a little tricky if you're going to put the shelf low enough that it would interfere with the door, closet, and windows to put it all the way around the room so just one wall might work better. Paint the bottom of the wall either a light pink like that background of the wallpaper or white/cream and paint the furniture a darker shade of pink (but not too HOT pink) OR paint the bottom of the wall a dark/bright pink and paint the furniture cream/white. I personally like the wall darker and the furniture white or cream to pop out, but it depends on the size of the room. I tried Valspar.com for paint ideas. I think something like Ultra Premium Passion Pink for the walls, with accents of Ultra Premium Warm Pink and Ultra Premium Orange Toffee. Obviously I can't tell online what would look best with the wallpaper, but you get my general idea of color.
Doing something interesting with paint color on the bottom will save you money also because wainscoting is expensive, especially if you want to invest in the wallpaper that you like.

As far as the other items in the room, here are some things that you tagged that I think could work together from both sides of the fence:
Love the peacock blanket! I would hang it on the lower portion of one of the walls w/o the shelf.
I like this rug because if you do the wallpaper and all of her accessories on display the room will already be busy. The symmetry of this rug makes it less of a focal point then some of the other (awesome) rugs that you picked.
I would do either one pillowcase of this
or one sham of this
to tie the rug to the bed and add variety to the bedding.
I would go with these sheets to add whimsy and the shabby chic feel:

I read that one of the things you were considering was a while bedspread to help off set all the color in the room. This is a neat way to do a white/ivory bedspread - it does have tiny bits of color and some nice visual texture, but doesn't add another large section of color to the room. And I think it's really classy and elegant for a little girl, which helps to make the "shabby" look "chic"

If you wanted to customize the colors of the "confetti" on a white spread I'm sure you could make it....here are some links from JoAnn's.
Fabric ideas:
Helpful planning to make a duvet:

I am fully convinced that you could quilt a smaller version of this also to throw on the end of the bed. I don't think it would be too overpowering because it's solid. You are very talented and I know it takes longer to do it yourself, but it also saves money (especially when the asking price was CRAZY in the first place!) Plus then you can customize the size to a throw size rather than a full bedspread.

I love these and think they both work with the theme:
And here's another one that's great, but you could easily make it too with exactly your colors

A few other random things.....
I like these pulls because they are updated, but still look feminine and curvy like the furniture.
and I think she needs a chandelier for sure, but I don't know what style you like...

And lastly... I think you already have LOTS of artwork and accessories, but if you need to fill a gap you should check out Emma Thomson's work...kind of fun for a little girl's room!

I realize I just added some more links to the million you already have, but I hope my opinion was useful. No matter what you do, I'm sure Lilly will love it and enjoy growing up there!


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