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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not much went on today (Friday). I didn't have Kylie so I slept in while R got up with Lil. We laid low this morning, watched 21. I went to Target with Lil while R was at work and got a couple shirts for me, a couple pjs for her and some great finds in the dollar bins: lift the flap board books, great big puzzles and an educational placemat (thank you Kerstin's mom). Ask about the placemat thing if you don't know, its great.

I made chocolate cake today for tomorrow nights girls night at Kally's and blondies for Wednesday night Bible Study, if they last that long. They're SUPER fantastic.

Lil had lots of cheerios today and smushed bananas, twice. She didn't like the real bananas (as apposed to jarred stuff) yesterday, but today she gobbled them up.

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Kerstin said...

I am laughing SO hard. My mom will be tickled pink to know that she's inspired another mom to do the educational placemat thing.
I didn't bring any with me when I moved and I really miss the periodic table and map of the U.S.

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