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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Guess what I found on e-bay today?!?!?! Not only a sheet set in this pattern, to make a duvet for Lillian's twin bed, but the actual duvet itself. I made it my afternoon/evening mission to win this auction (there was no buy it now option). I did okay up until going to Bible Study. I asked Tonya ahead of time if I could use her internet while there (the auction was ending while I was there) and she said yes but we didn't anticipate the storms knocking out all the internet/phones. So I whipped out my cell and called Dad Brill in a frenzy and he made a daring leap from a moving car to get out and run in the house and get online to save my auction. He ended up doing me a HUGE favor because if he had not gotten on, I would have missed it by $1.08 and I would have been SOOOOOOO annoyed. Anywho, I won it, thanks to him. And next week I will have the duvet of my dreams! No more searching.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing what men will do for the women in their life!

Kerstin said...

lol. I'm so glad you found it! Because I was waiting on my mom's opinion for search terms since she's the REAL fabric guru and I didn't really have any ideas ;)

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