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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


*R had to be at work at noon instead of 2:30 and the day is lagging on forever.
*B&L are just going to leave K here until they come over for Bible Study, which is fine, but is also making the day lag on forever.
*We took the girls to the playground (for only about 10 minutes since it was FREAKIN hot) and Lil got to swing for the first time.
*I am catching up on last week's episodes of the View. And I appreciate them coordinating their summer hiatus with my vacation to Iowa.
*I did 6 loads of laundry. And I did laundry on Monday. Sick.
*I put butt cream on Lil's face because she has a huge rash I want to go away before her pictures on Sunday. She looks like a ghost.
*I am annoyed that Oprah has been in reruns for about 8 years.
*I used our last Swiffer Duster. I love those things. Gotta get some more.
*I am going to make three ham and cheese loaves for Bible Study.
*I let R take some of the Dirt Cake to work before people had it tonight for Bible Study, now it has a huge hole in it.
*I fed Lil Mango for the first time. She loved it. (It was from Gerber, no, I did not make her Mango)
*I cleaned our toilet AGAIN (see yesterdays post).
*I made finger jello for tonight. I love finger jello. I don't like regular jello but finger jello is so much better.

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