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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love Hate Tuesday

I am in a very bad mood today. Life is crappy. And to top it all off, I'm bored out of my mind and stuck at home cuz R took the Pacifica to work and won't be home til midnight. So I decided to write a list of the things I hate, hoping to get it all out and then list the things I love, to maybe put me in a better mood.

I hate:
Navy medical
Obstinate husbands
Cranky babies
Phone calls during naptime
Crying during naptime
Sick relatives
Vacations that are two whole weeks away
Being stuck at home
100 degree heat
Being fat
Not having an Office 2003 disk and having to pay $100 AND be forced to upgrade to 2007
Not knowing how to make DVDs from our video camera
R breaking the video program for the computer in the process of trying to figure it out
Making bottles
Wrapping up the vacuum cord
That the Navy still isn't aware we have a daughter, despite her age of six months
We do not currently have wills, guardianship papers, or medical releases.
Getting the mail being the most exciting part of your day
Getting nothing but ads in the mail (and not even good ads at that)
Cleaning up from decorating cupcakes

I love:
The art for Lillian's room
My new coffee table
My sling
Diet Coke
Vacation being only two weeks away
Clean rugs
B&L picking K up early so I can (theoretically) get in an afternoon nap
That Big Brother is on again (3 hours a week I can be mindlessly entertained with stupid humans)
Army Wives-best show ever on TV
That Lillian can hold her own bottle
Decorating cupcakes

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