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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christmas in July

One of the blogs I read daily, Life as Mom, is having a special Christmas in July week. For me, Christmas being my favorite time of year, this is great fun. She has a Toolin up Tuesday post today asking for our favorite "tools" for Christmas time.

My favorite "tool" for the Christmas season is my Christmas music. It starts October 1st and doesn't end until January. Any genre, any group or single, any age. I love Christmas music. I'm guessing I have about 60+ Christmas CD's and that number grows each year. Only a couple months until October people, dust off those CD players.


Kerstin said...

I remember listening to boy band Christmas music at your house ALL THE TIME during senior year. lol. I bet you really miss being so close to Bronner's, don't you?

I started making Christmas presents for my aunts and Grandma this week. July isn't too early to plan ahead!!

(and *phew* I think I'm FINALLY caught up on commenting! you updated this thing about a billion times in the last week!)

Rich, Stacey & Lillian said...

Can you tell I'm bored OUT OF MY MIND?!?!?!

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