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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home Management Binder

I have read lots recently about Home Management Binders. Lots of places sell kits you can either on CD to type and print off or paper that you fill in. However, none of these kits fit my (extremely anal) personality, so I decided to take ideas from all over and make my own. This is my project for this weekend, including Thursday and Friday when I don't have Kylie. I'm planning on typing it all on the computer and then printing it off for my binder and also keeping a copy on DVD in our fire box.

I went to Target and bought a pretty 3 ring binder and dividers. I'm starting by listing categories I want to include and pages I want to include within each category. So far, my categories are:
Grocerys, Menus, and Meals

I'm sure I will have more when I am done, but that is my starting point. I had to stop myself to even come write this entry because I'm just itching to get to it. Now if only Lil would actually take a nap, it would help tremendously.

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Kerstin said...

I'm sure it will be extremely detailed, useful, and stylish, knowing you :)

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