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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Great things

Great things...

1. Lillian is holding her own bottle.
2. Lillian is holding her own bottle.
3. Lillian is holding her own bottle. (Yes it is exciting enough to merit three spots.)
4. The new header on the blog, although its a little larger than I planned, but oh well, don't know how to change it.
5. My Binder!!!! I've already used it 8 or more times. I'd say it was definitely time I made one.
6. I put my wedding ring back on!! Its been off for about a year (not by choice) and it finally fit back on. Now it will be on forevermore, because I can't really get it off :-) But at least its on.
7. Diet coke. Nuff said.
8. We're starting the Five Love Languages study in Sunday School and I couldn't be more excited. Well maybe that my wedding ring fits, and maybe that Lil is holding her own bottle, but you get what I mean.
9. I have a gift purchased, wrapped and ready to go already for a bridal shower this next weekend.
10. I am going to a bridal shower next weekend and R is watching the monster.
11. I am going to a Kenny Chesney concert on Thursday (weather and babysitter-for the friend, permitting)
12. I got a nap today.
13. This...http://www.madebygirl.com/product.php?product=PR-13
14. And this...http://bp0.blogger.com/_XFiPrCMl6Sk/SE8A5wQEw7I/AAAAAAAAANg/7sRwOsesqDE/s1600-h/A-+Z+flowers.jpg

I've been toying with Lil's new room (when we move this fall or next summer) and I can't get one specific theme I like, but I'm playing around with Art right now and liking lots of what I find. I even made some here at home this weekend and even R said it turned out really well. Now all we have to do is move and PAINT!!!

15. We're moving!!! This fall or next summer, depending on what orders he gets and if we stay here, how soon we find a house or admit we cannot afford one and move into a three bedroom apartment or rented house. Finally, Lil will have a room of her own and I CAN DECORATE!
16. Dark chocolate.
17. Our new ottoman. I really should post pictures, but I haven't taken any yet.
18. The print about furniture that I have on a breakfast tray on my new ottoman.
19. Lillian is holding her own bottle!
20. I have my wedding ring on!!!

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